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XO Computer Resources

Also known as the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) program.

BEE-BOTS are great engaging tools in the K-2 classroom. They are a great introduction to teaching LOGO otherwise known as Turtle Art (or Turtle Blocks) on the XO.

Here are some Task Cards to support using the Map - Treasure Island with BEE-BOTS.

Bee-Bot Treasure Island Activities

Bee-Bot Treasure Island - RED Task Cards

Bee-Bot Treasure Island - YELLOW Task Cards

Bee-Bot Treasure Island - GREEN Task Cards

Bee-Bot Treasure Island - BLUE Task Cards


Each set of Task Cards builds on from the previos set.

The idea is for students to use 5 or 6 cards of a particular colour before moving on to use cards from the next set.

These resources are only a starting point to teaching students how to use Turtle Art. They were created to help the teacher introduce the program and support early development and understanding of a small amount of the functions available in this program.

Teaching Turtle Art (LOGO) to K-6 students can be a lot of fun. Naturally, it can be challenging to teach, but no more difficult than teaching students to read and write.

Here is a series of Task Cards that will help you to teach students about programming using Turtle Art (also known as Turtle Blocks) on the XO computer. I suggest you print these out in colour (color) on white cardboard, then laminate and cut them out.

Turtle Art - RED Task Cards

Turtle Art - YELLOW Task Cards

Turtle Art - GREEN Task Cards

Turtle Art - BLUE Task Cards - to be uploaded

Turtle Art - BLACK Task Cards - to be uploaded

Comments and Feedback regarding these Task Cards is appreciated.



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