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This is the home of See & Say.

See & Say is a series of FREE programs to help your child learn basic sight words. Using these programs your child will learn up to 300 sight words.


See&Say1 ver 1.1

File size is: 57 MEG so it is going to take a while to download.

See & Say 1 is designed for students in their first year of school. See & Say 2 and 3 are for students in the following two years of school.


Each See & Say program is a complete package on its own. The program is a single executable file that does not require any other software to run it.

Included with each program is a link that allows tou to print out a built in PDF of the 300 word lists. These print out so they can be copied into small booklets for children to use.


See&Say2 ver 1.1

File size is: 100 MEG so it is going to take a while to download.

The 100 words in each program can be learnt in groups of ten words. The centre part of the screen says each word three times. Each word changes colour as it is said.

The left menu allows the child to go through words in sets of ten (saying each word once). There is also the ability to go through the words without sound.

Finally, the lists are also collated in a complete set of 100 with and without sound. This is designed for testing a child's progress.

See&Say3 ver 1.1

File size is: 102 MEG so it is going to take a while to download.







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