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This is the home of Say & Spell.

Say and Spell is a series of FREE programs to help your child learn basic words. Using these programs, your child will learn to recognise, say, and spell a wide range of basic words.

Your child will learn the sounds of letters in words and will learn how to say each word. A picture or more at the end of each word helps to reinfoce what the word represents.

ver 2.5

File size is: 106 MEG so it is going to take a while to download.

Say & Spell has been so successful in early childhood classrooms that students have learnt to read at levels well beyond what is normally expected.

If you feel that some words should be changed, feel free to send us an email: paul@teachyourchildrenwell.com.au

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All 3 Say & Spell programs were updated in November 2012.

Note: Say&Spell1 has a focus on sounding out individual letters. Say&Spell2 and Say&Spell3 focus on letter combinations and blends.

Not everyone would agree with teaching spelling this way; however the students using this program are consistently getting 90% PLUS of their spelling correct each week.


1. Introduce the program to the whole class on an IWB or large screen using a data projector.

2. Each student (individually or in pairs) goes through a word list three times, four days a week.
(This only takes 3 - 5 minutes, once students are familiar with the program.)

3. Students write the words into their books twice each day.
(These can be copied from the main screen.)


ver 2.5

File size is: 130 MEG so it is going to take a while to download.

ver 2.5

File size is: 151 MEG so it is going to take a while to download.



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