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Teach Your Children Well is a web site that has been created to support the learning of Primary Age Children from about 5 - 13 years of age.

Teach Your Children Well offers lots of free teaching resources. It includes over 1000 free maths worksheets. Lots of free resources for English and science. It includes free big book teaching programs.

Most of the resources are in PDF format making them suitable for display on interactive white boards (IWB).

This web site is for parents, teachers and children themselves. This site enables children to take responsibility for their own maths learning by making it easy for them to identify suitable activities to complete. Maths activities are well sequenced and logically organised. All worksheets come with an answer sheet making it simple and convenient for teachers and parents.

The creators of this site (Paul and Karen) have over 40 years (combined) experience teaching K-6, including special education and distance education.

There are over 1000 FREE Maths Worksheets for you to download. These all include answer sheets.

There is a file that can be downloaded that has a listing of all the available worksheets and the age groups (or grade groups) they are suitable for.


Enjoy using our worksheets. We hope they save you much time and are used in conjunction with other good teaching practices to improve your student's or children's performance.

GO to the BOOKLETS page and the Other page to find out about some of the following resources that have been uploaded during 2015. You will find all these resources in our Teachers Pay Teachers store. If you haven't registered to use the TPT site yet, you can register by clicking here:
FREE Registration for TPT.

UPDATED (July 2015) They are finally finished. -
4 Booklets about Working Mathematically using WORD PROBLEMS. Titled Mastering Word Problems.
There is one book for each grade from years 3 to 6. Available for download from the TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) Web Site.

NAPLAN Style Test for year 3 - It's a FREE download. Find it in our TPT store.

Clock Bingo - 4 Separate Games. There is also a FREE game to download. Find it in our TPT store.

Clock Dominoes - 9 Games in one pack. There is also a FREE downlaod which has the first 3 games.

Clocks - Learning to tell the time with clocks. A 120 page book designed for K-4.

Fraction Bingo. Two different games. Fraction Bingo 4 Brainy Kids - for Years 1 to 3
Fraction Bingo 4 Fantastic Students- for Years 3 to 5

FRACTION CARD GAMES. Three Fraction Card Games. FRACTO, SUPER FRACTO and JUNIOR FRACTO. Junior Fracto is a FREE download. Find it in our TPT store.

Australian Money - I have .... who has?
This pack contains 10 Games. Yes, 10 games for your students to learn about money.
There is also a FREE download where we have provided 2 FREE sets. Go check it out.

Shape Bingo - Level 1 - Contains 5 sets of Bingo Cards.
Shape Bingo - Level 1 - FREE (One set of Bingo Cards).

You will find all these resources in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

To find out more about each resource, GO to the BOOKLETS page.

UPDATED (July 2015)


We have created a variety of Clip Art for producing some of our resources. We have made it available for others too. Comes in handy if you like making up some of your own resources.

You will find:

Clock Clip Art - 432 clocks in bright colours. Clock Clip Art - 720 clocks in black, white and grey.

Dice Clip Art - 400 + Graphics (PNG) files. Clip Art Pop Sticks - 150 Graphic (PNG) files.

Ten Frames Clip Art - 800 + Graphics (PNG) files. Counting Bears Clip Art - 10 FREE

2D Shapes Clip Art - 1200 + Graphics (PNG) files. 2D Shapes with Faces Clip Art - 300 + Graphic.
New Upload in July 2015.

Fraction Clip Art - 4800 + Graphics (PNG) files.This is a MASSIVE pack that is proving to be quite popular.

FREE Clip Art includes: Clocks - 12 FREE Files. Shapes with Faces - 10 FREE Files.
Counting Bears Clip Art - 10 FREE Files.

You will find all these resources in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

JUST UPDATED (January 2014) - Finally added a variety of SAMPLE Booklets for a number of maths topics including: NUMERATION, TIME (Clocks), NUMBER PATTERNS and ALGEBRA, FINANCIAL LITERACY, FRACTIONS and DECIMALS.

Recently Added (January 2014) a unit (and software) to teach basic electronics or circuits.

All files in each program have now been compiled into a single executable (EXE) file.
All programs have a new and improved menu.

Recently added was SEE&SAY3.

Finally ADDED over 30 Language Units to support the use of Big Books in the classroom.

Recently added (August 2012) a series of work cards for the program Turtle Art (Turtle Blocks) on the XO computer. This is a version of Logo and is very popular with students who have been taught to use it with the support of these Task Cards.

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